Thank you for visiting my website. As a recovering journalist and p.r. professional I now write for the love of the word. I will share some of my poems and essays with you here and hope you enjoy them. I welcome your feedback!

Just got a note from a gentleman who recently purchased my chapbook:

Do NOT Stop for Hitchhikers is one of my favorite poems–the last two lines excellent–along with Yellowstone in Winter and Meteor Crater, Arizona. The book has a wide range with good placement of the poems that keeps the reader in the book, with a newness, and each poem, though personal, has nothing indulgent, and is universal, something missing in a lot of poetry today.”


A very sincere “thank you” to CALYX Journal for accepting my poem “Gratitude Journal.” They had originally rejected it but made some very specific recommendations and encouraged me to resubmit, which I did, and I just received their acceptance. Thank you for seeing the potential in this piece and taking the time to make recommendations.


Friends, I’m proud to once again be supporting the Center for New Americans by taking on the 30 Poems in November challenge. 15 down 15 more to go. Please support this worthwhile organization by donating here. Thanks!